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Altough SAP Data Services is a full blown ETL tool, it supports Realtime features as well from both sides, listening to events and creating events. It can be connected to different message bus systems and EAI tools and actually, it has a lot of EAI functionality in it. The main differences however are:

  • Ease of use - DS is much easier to use than an EAI tool
  • Guaranteed deliver is on at-least-once basis only. DS does not support two-phase commits and it is the developer's responsibility to deal with cases where the same event is processed a second time in a recovery case.
  • Performance is times slower than batch processing as only one message can be inside a dataflow at any time.
  • DS supports all its rich transformations in realtime dataflows as well.
    As a result you should use DS in realtime when rich transformations are required and EAI tools for high performance connections between two transaction systems.



1 Comment

  1. I want to create a flat output file, just after I get data from my XML source through real time service.

    This file will be then consumed by mainframe script.

    Output file should be like.


    FileName: Current Date

    Data start






    Data End

    Total Count : RowCount


     As it is real time, I have de-select delete and re-create option.   

    Problem is when I start service it automatically creates empty files and don't populate the data, it doesn't release the file.

    (Cant delete or rename from folder), until and unless I stop the service..