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Please go to SAP Market Place under “Support Packages & Patches”. Set the platform to # OS INDEPENDENT.

Windows and Linux binaries are included in a single download.

Release Notes:

Updated support:
1. Delphi 10.1 Berlin
The Advantage Delphi Components now include support for Delphi 10.1 Berlin

Bugs fixed:
1. Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016 (version 1607) 32-bit ADS Server
startup failure.

2. ADS convert() function with abs(),floor() and ceiling() scalars as input
parameter returned incorrect results in some cases.

3. Changes in parameter value in SQL query not reflected when running the
query second time on the same connection.

4. Abbreviated function name subs() instead of substring() not working.

5. SQL select for negative fraction constant returned wrong results in some


Windows deliverables:
adswin_x86_32.exe > ADS 12 32-bit Windows Server
adswin_x86_64.exe > ADS 12 64-bit Windows Server
arc32.exe > Advantage Data Architect
adsodbc.exe > Advantage ODBC Driver 32-bit
adsodbc_x86_64.exe > Advantage ODBC Driver 64-bit
adsdelphi.exe > Advantage Delphi Components
aceapi.exe > Advantage Client Engine APIs 32-bit
aceapi_x86_64.exe > Advantage Client Engine APIs 64-bit
vo32.exe > Advantage RDD for CA-Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET
win_jdbc.exe > Advantage JDBC driver for Windows
adsoledb_x86_64.exe > Advantage OLEDB provider 64-bit
oledb.exe > Advantage OLEDB provider 32-bit
adsweb.exe > Advantage Web Platform
crystal.exe > Advantage Crystal Reports Driver
dataprovider.exe > Advantage .NET Data Provider
dbiwin.exe > Advantage DBD (Perl) Driver
php_win.exe > Advantage PHP Driver

Linux Deliverables
adslinux- > ADS 12 Server
aceapi- > Advantage Client Engine APIs
adsdbd- > Advantage DBI Driver
adsodbc- > Advantage ODBC Driver
adsphp- > Advantage PHP Driver
ADSInstall.jar > Advantage JDBC driver for Linux

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