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This is the root interface where all is put together for the Adapter. There, we define the capabilities and the classes implementing them.

Our Adapter shall be called StrangeFile (short: sf), placed in the package com.acta.adapter.sf and will look like the following:

package com.acta.adapter.sf;

import com.acta.adapter.sdk.Adapter;
import com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterEnvironment;
import com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterException;

public class SFAdapter implements Adapter {
    private String[] _operationClassNames = {"com.acta.adapter.sf.SFReadTable"};

    public void initialize(AdapterEnvironment environment) {
        environment.setOperationDescriptor(_operationClassNames) ;

    public void start() throws AdapterException {

    public void stop() throws AdapterException {

This Adapter Interface is really nothing else then a list of files, where all the other classes can be found. And these required or optional classes are the list of supported operations - one in our case, the SFReadTable - the Import and the Browse classes and because we want DataStore properties, the optional Session.



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