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How do you get a license key?

To get a permanent license key or a temporary license key, please follow the steps as described in KBA 1502717 or KBA 1288121.

License key for Information Platform Services (IPS)

  • Versions of IPS prior to 4.2 SP2:
    • IMPORTANT: When installing IPS, make sure to use InstallIPS.exe on Windows or InstallIPS in Unix/Linux instead of setup.exe to start the installation.
    • This will allow the embedded license key to be automatically be registered in Central Management Console (CMC).
    • The embeded key never expires. Please reference KBA 1729897.
  • IPS version 4.2 SP2 and later:
    • An new license key must be obtained. Please reference KBA 2320261

License key for Data Services (DS)

  • When installing DS, a license key is required.
  • After the installation, customers can also use the DS License Manager to add, remove, or view the DS license key, please reference KBA 1395080 for details.
  • Before DS 4.2 SP2, on Windows OS, it is available to use the License Manager GUI for DS license key maintenance.
  • Please note DS client tools (Designer) also need a license key.
  • Use same license key for both DS client tools and DS server components.
  • If you're upgrading from DS 3.x a new license key is required.
  • When upgrading from an earlier DS 4.s version a new license key is not required. The original license key is compatible with all 4.x versions.

License key for Information Steward (IS)

  • When installing IS, a license key is required.
  • After the installation, customers can also add, remove or view the IS license key from CMC > License Keys.
  • For a description of IS license keys, please reference KBA 1707696.

What to do if a license key needs to be changed or has expired

  • When you obtain a new license key for DS, it must be added using the DS License Manager.
  • New license keys for IS are added via the CMC > License Keys


    • Do not add DS license keys into the CMC > License Keys. You must use the DS License Manager for this.
    • Only IS License Keys are entered into the CMC > License Keys.
    • Adding license keys into the wrong interface will cause DS to stop working.
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