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This document explains how to use customized cleansing packages with Data Quality Management SDK (DQM SDK). The following instructions are valid for versions 4.0 and 4.0 SP1.

Customize the cleansing package

Either create a new cleansing package or modify an existing one. Instructions for doing this can be found in the SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward User Guide.

Execute a Data Services job using the customized cleansing package

Until a cleansing package is used within a Data Services job, the cleansing package resides in the repository. Executing a job that references a customized cleansing package causes Data Services to copy the cleansing package into a file that is used at run-time. This file is in the same format required by DQM SDK.

Create a dataflow that contains a Data Cleanse transform which references the cleansing package you wish to use and execute it. This is a good opportunity to test the changes that you have made to ensure that the customizations are producing the desired results.

Copy the customized cleansing package run-time file

The run-time file versions of cleansing packages can be found in the folder with the following format…

<Data Services install path>\Data Services\log\pCache\<CMS system name>

where <Data Services install path> is the folder into which Data Services was installed and <CMS system name> is the name of the system you used when you logged into the Data Services Designer. Generally, customers will only have one of these folders.

Find the newly created cleansing package. If the cleansing package is a person/firm cleansing package then the name of the file will have the following format…


where <id> is an internally generated id and does not have any meaning outside of the Data Services environment and <LE|BE> indicates either Little Endian or Big Endian format.

Most likely, the file you are interested in is the one that ends in .db and has the latest date.

Copy this file into the DataQuality\datacleanse folder associated with your DQM SDK installation.

Reference the customized cleansing package in the Data Cleanse XML

Modify the XML configuration for Data Cleanse to reference the customized cleansing package. Use the name of the customized cleansing package that was used in Information Steward (it does not need to match the name of the run-time file).

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