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Errors occur on setup or job execution. We will map the object  -> error -> potential root cause and action

Configuration settings


SSLWS Soap Datastores standard authentications  
SSLSSL   Secure Socket Layer  == https ==   typically would require configuration for a certificate to establish the  secure connectionIntegrator Guide7.4.4.2 Configuring   SSL in the runtime execution file1
 HTTPS   == SSLManagement Console4.   Configuring the client to access a public SSL-enabled Web server
 SSL   required -> cert from server or end point base 64 (if in textpad cert  starts with  -----BEGIN   CERTIFICATION---- it is Base64)KMKBA1771712 - How to   configure SSL on the native web service datastore - Data Services 
  KMKBA1669260 - Unable   to connect to a SSL web service using WS-Security 
 Where == cert  -> axis2.xmlaxis2.xml<!-- <parameter   name="SERVER_CERT">/path/to/ca/certificate</parameter>
SSLWith   Authentication  
 If   you need client authentication, additionally provide the private key and   keystore passphrase. axis2.xml<!--parameter   name="KEY_FILE">/path/to/client/certificate/chain/file</parameter-->
PassphraseNeed  client auth so keystore; user provided keystore   -> see keystore notes.)you can consume  an SSL enabled WebService, or one that uses WS-Security, with the Native   WebService method.  you need to test,   ask the customer to send you their keystore (for SSL) and then set the path   to it in the Advanced section of the WebService Datastore)axis2.xml<!--parameter   name="SSL_PASSPHRASE">passphrase</parameter-->
KeystoreKeystore   path -> Do you need client autentication? a java keystore is a repository   if security certs customized or public used in SSL; IBM and oracle extension   jks. -> keystoreIntegrator Guide7.4.4.2 Configuring  SSL in the runtime execution file
  Integrator Guide7. Accessing a   web service
  Integrator Guide7.4.5 Enabling   WS-Security
  Integrator Guide7.4.5.1 Configuring   WS-Security on the native web service datastore
 WSS   security -> create a security policy file == policy.xml satisfying   customers security requirements.  
 WS-Security   is a communications protocol that applies security to web services at the   message level. The protocol defines how integrity and confidentiality can be   enforced on web service messaging, as well as how to attach signatures and   encryption headers to SOAP messages. In addition, it defines how to attach   security tokens such as X.509 certificates or Kerberos tickets to   messages.SAP Data Services implements WS-Security support through the Apache   open source project rampart/c and can be configured through the web service   datastore and an external policy file.  
 Enable   rampart/caxis2.xml  <!--module   ref="rampart"/--> 
 Apache   Rampart/C is the security module for Apache Axis2/C. It features in many ways   to protect SOAP messages exchanged. This includes SOAP message encryption and   signature as specified in WS-Security Specification. In addition Apache   Rampart/C configurations are based on security policy assertions as per   WS-Security Policy specification  
 WSS -> Do  you need WS-Security? WSS stuff is a communications protocol that applies  security to web services at the message level. If so then create a security policy file   (policy.xml) -> policy.xml  




SourceErrorRoot cause/action 
Job Execution Error,axis2.log[Fri Feb 20 08:10:48 2015] [info]  No files in the path C:\SAP\Data Services\ext\<new webservice folder>Folder on %LINK_DIR/ext path. Move the three folders keystore, lib, modules from default webservice-c to the new folder/dir. 
Job Execution ErrorAn   element named <(><<)>table> present in the XML data input   does not exist in the XML format used to set up this XML source in data#Webservice   call is failing with the following error, this error means, the response XML   that service is returning is not matching with the response schema
Possibly, there is an element named table in the response but not in the schema, but if you look at the response schema in the designer we have an  element named table. If you compare the output and  schema, the difference is with the position of the element, in the schema the element table is before the element headers   but in the response it is after, which is a mismatch hence you are getting   this error
 To fix this error, modified the WSDL and changed the order of the element to match the output
Job Execution ErrorCreation  of web service client for the web service <aname> failed. Check log file <C:\ProgramData\SAP   BusinessObjects\DataServices/log/axis2_log.txt>.

If no  other webservice-? Folder was created and only the default exists then remove the path on the datastore config OR replicate %LINK_DIR%/ext/Webservice-c to %LINK_DIR%/ext/Webservice-<new name> -> NOTE:a good practice to use a separate Webservice Axis2C Repository folder instead of using the default webservice-c


Datastore -> importing schemaXML parser failed : Error namespace '<namespace here>' is referenced with import declaration> at line <some number>

WSDL is including another WSDL file   (location="http://<path>?wsdl=wsdl0"   )This is a edit t othe wsdl to include both, or a 'hack'.

Job Execution Error 11120 12776 RUN-058105 8/22/2016 11:08:18 AM Could not create a new session (Adapter: 'sfdc).>.Possibly -> Needs   a proxy set 
Job Execution Error 'Unable   to find valid certification path to requested target (BODI_1111469)   (BODI-1112446)' The certification authority is not in the trusted certification authority ; use keytool -> b. possible help; is cer base 64? 
Job Execution Error, axis2.log [Wed Feb   06 15:45:34 2013] [error] ..\..\neethi\src\util.c(37) Out of memory  Disregard this error, it is a false/positive. 
Job Execution Error, axis2.log   [error] ..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\ssl\ssl_utils.c(86) [ssl client] Loading client certificate failed , key file /path/to/client/certificate/chain/file axis2.xml KEY_FILE path is not set or is incorrect 
Datastore creation An   error occurred while importing metadata: while trying to invoke the method   javax.wsdl.definition.getServices() of a null object loaded from local   variable wsdlDef (BODI-1111469) (BODI-1112446)Obtain wsdl and locate on file system; point datatore URL to this wsdl and continue troubleshooting. If the wsdl requires editing it will need to remain on file system with datatore url pointing to it. 
datastore   WS SoapAn   error occurred while importing metadata: %1 (BODI-1111469)The adapter XML for   function <Create> contains parsing errors in the object: <XML   Schema>: <Error importing XML Schema from file   <adapter_schema_in.xsd>:<XML parser failed: Error<namespace   '' is referenced without   import declaration> at line <1>, char <1263> in   <<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd=""  


from forum BOB ==I think the problem is happening since DS WSDL Parser is not able to resolve the schema if its included, can you embed the schema defined in http:/<a path>xsd=1 in the WSDL itself ? Does it need a keystore? OR

 +++++++ Possibility1 -> DSParser limitations: DS WSDL parser doesn't processes namespaces declared with the element LIKE <xsd:element name="something" type="q2:guid" minOccurs="0"xmlns:q2=""/> then DS is expecting that you have a following declaration in the top of schema definition for the xmlns:q2 LIKE <xsd:import namespace=""/>

 +++++ Possiblity2 -> there are references to some namespaces which are not defined at all so DS is not able to resolve the element

More work to edit found on KBA



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