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The troubleshooting scope here is leveraging a web service call from a batch or realtime job via a WS SOAP or WS Adapter datastore.







If the connection is made you need to find out which part is taking all the time, client -> WS to WS -> RT or RT -> WS or WS-> Client.

Checking the include xsd location option for webservices, first always try to check if works fine from other tools like tcpmon, wireshark or SoapUI or you can use DS WebService Adapter with trace enabled to get more details.

There is no response for the web service -> Error implies connection made but nothing after this, why? Is this a timeout? Are any rows processed?

Always be sure to:

  1. set tracing on all moving parts you possibly can
  2. run the job from Designer and get the atl+logs
  3. run the call from soapUI to eliminate DS, get the results.

 Settings to consider:

  1. DSConfig.txt confirm switch set to log to axis2.log DS14.2.1 and onward: Native_Webservice_Call_Enable_Debug=TRUE Like axis2 debug and -D
  2. Native_Webservice_Call_Timeout_Miliseconds=30000 Explanation: Webservice client call timeout in milliseconds, integer, Y, > 0, 30000,


  1. Check timeouts: Settings on the datastores:
    1. WS SOAP datastore -> Socket timeout in milliseconds try 300000.
    2. Adapter datastore -> Webservice Call Time Out try 300000.

Testing Test new wsdl from soapUI using wsdl on file system is it is accessible. Does it setup the schema; can you run it? For instance -> Use soapUI to test and benchmark the time to transfer the entire recordset and the number of records. OR see a similar error to that of the job execution error occurs in the soapUI test

Test from DS datastore with wsdl on file system. Run job and then get atl and job execution logs; the wsdl; the %DS_COMMON_DIR%/log/axis2.log

Possibly revert back to an Adapter datastore with trace on for more logging if axis2.log isn't any help. Run as an Adapter datastore with trace on.

Consider DSconfig.txt for:  

  1. AdapterRetryInterval = 15000  
  2. AdapterStartTimeout = 90000  
  3. AdapterDataExchangeTimeout = 10800000

Less likely but don't forget: IIS setting -> Internet Information Service



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