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The Geocoder transform has been enhanced with the following features.

  • New dynamic Option_Distance_Unit input field

The Option_Distance_Unit input field has been added that allows you to change the Geocoder transform's
Distance Unit option setting after the transform is initialized, without having to terminate and reinitialize
the transform. You can pass the new setting through the input field to the transform. The transform gets
the updated setting from the input field and adjust its processing to use the new setting, before processing
the incoming record. Dynamic setting values that are specified in the input field are only valid for that
record and do not affect any subsequent record.

The value of the Option_Distance_Unit input field takes precedence over the value of the Distance Unit
option. The value of the Distance Unit option is only used if the Option_Distance_Unit input field is not
mapped or is invalid, blank, or NULL.

Go to the link below and watch video about Option_Distance_Unit input field for more information.

  • Improved synchronization between the Geocoder and Global Address Cleanse transforms

Two new output fields, Address_Line and Postcode, have been added to improve synchronization
between the Geocoder transform output address components and the Global Address Cleanse transform
input address components. This will enhance usability when you want to use the Geocoder transform
to search for points-of-interest and then use the Global Address Cleanse transform to validate and
standardize the address.

Go to the link below and watch the video about the two new output fields for more information.

  • Enhanced house number output field.

PRIMARY_NUMBER, PRIMARY_RANGE_LOW, PRIMARY_RANGE_HIGH are 3 output fields which will be outputted in reverse geocoding. In 4.0 version, if PRIMARY_RANGE_LOW equals to PRIMARY_RANGE_HIGH, then the value will be set to PRIMARY_NUMBER. Otherwise, PRIMARY_NUMBER will be set to blank.

In 4.1 version, even PRIMARY_RANGE_LOW doesn't equal to PRIMARY_RANGE_HIGH, engine will interpolate a number for PRIMARY_NUMBER based on the input Lat/Long.

  • Closest house number latitude/longitude assignment

When you search a house number that is not in the reference directory, the latitude and longitude for
the closest house number on the same street can be assigned. An information code will be generated
to indicate that the assignment is not the input house number.

Input address: 100 main Street La Crosse WI 54650
If there are only two records in the geocoder reference data:
Record 1: 1-50 main Street La Crosse WI 54650
Record 2: 51-80 main Street La Crosse WI 54650

Previously, the Geocoder transform output the information code 005 to indicate that the house number
“100” cannot be found in the reference data. Now, when the street level matches but the house number
doesn’t, you can get the closest latitude/longitude value for the house number. In the example, the
house number “80” is the closest, and its latitude and longitude is returned.

Please go to the link below and watch the video about Closest house number latitude/longitude assignment.

  • Ranged house number latitude/longitude assignment

In some countries, house numbers can be a range. For example, in the address "SE17 2AL London
Walworth Road 367-369", 367-369 is a ranged house number. For the United Kingdom and Australia,
the Geocoder transform search now supports this type of house number and returns its latitude and

  • New country directory data

For this release, directory data is available for three additional countries: Australia and
The Geocoder transform is flexible enough to accept new country directory data immediately after the
directory data is released. There is no need to wait for the next Data Services release to begin using
new country directory data. At the time of this publication, the Geocoder transform uses directory data
for the following countries:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom
    • United States

Check with your sales representative for a list of the most current country directories available.

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