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Sometimes, when you run into trouble with your SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward deployment, it isn't clear what you can do to get assistance. On this page we hope to provide clear information on what you can do to get the help you need.

Important First Steps

  1. We recommend logging onto the SAP Support Portal and searching our SAP Support Knowledge Search for the error or symptoms you are experiencing. For best results use only a few important keywords (keyword search).
  2. A solution to your issue might also be found in our SAP Community:
    1. SAP Data Services Community
    2. SAP Information Steward Community
  3. If you have a How-To question, before creating a Support Incident reference the documentation available at and, as well as the options shown above.

You've looked at all available resources, now what?

If you need to open a Support Incident, to ensure quicker turn-around it is vital to include:
(Please be sure to zip all attachments prior to adding them to the incident. The size limit is 4MB per file.)

  1. A detailed description of the issue, including workflow and any error messages. Screen shots are great!
  2. Describe your system landscape so we better understand the architecture involved:
    1. Are you using BI Platform or Information Platform Services (IPS) for your CMS/CMC?
      1. Which one?
      2. What is the exact version? Log into CMC > Help/About >
    2. Is Data Services/Information Steward installed on the same server as the CMS/CMC or is this a distributed installation?
      1. Please explain your deployment layout.
    3. Did you use the Tomcat that came with the installation?
      1. If not, what application server are you using ans what is the version number?
    4. What is the Operating System version you're installed on?
      1. Please provide exact version information for your OS.
  3. Is this a new installation or an upgrade? If it is an upgrade, what versions were you at prior?
  4. Provide all the install/upgrade logs located:
    1. If your install/upgrade is not completing -
      1. Unix/Linux: /temp/<date time>/setupengine.log and/or <Install dir>/InstallData/logs/<date and time of install>/setupengine.log
      2. Windows: C:\Users\useryouareloggedinas\AppData\Local\Temp\2\<date time>\setupengine.log
    2. If your install/upgrade finishes -
      1. Unix/Linux: <Install dir>/InstallData/logs/<date and time of install>/setupengine.log
      2. Windows: <Install dir>\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\logs\<date and time of install>\setupengine.log

NEW - SAP is now offering Expert Chat support for specific product components, including EIM. Please review the following SAP Note for more information about Expert Chat support and steps on how to start an Expert Chat session:

  • SAP Note 2213344 - Starting an Expert Chat with SAP Support [video]
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