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Activate Flash

Question: How can I remove the message "Click to activate and use this control" in Internet Explorer?

The problem:
Microsoft delivered an update for IE 6 that changes the way in which Internet Explorer handles some Web pages that use ActiveX controls. The implication is that after this update is installed, you must manually click an ActiveX control to enable it before you use it. The reason for this update is a patent dispute with Eolas Technology and the University of California. More details at:

The Implications to Visual Composer:
For the Visual Composer, this means you will now get the message "Click to activate and use this control" in both the storyboard design time (Adobe SVG Viewer ActiveX control) and at runtime (Adobe Flash Player ActiveX control). You will not be able to use the application without clicking first. There is no setting to disable this functionality, there are no 'trusted sites' type of functionality, and it will ask you for every new page that you open using these controls.

The Fix:
As there is no method to disable this functionality, the only possibility is to revert to the old behavior before the Microsoft Security update. Microsoft has released a patch to do this. The required patch can be found in the ZIP file with this document (for Windows XP Service Pack 2), or it can be downloaded at After running this patch update, IE will not longer require you to click to activate ActiveX controls. Note that this patch will require a restart, and only needs to be performed on the client PC.

Abode Fix:
Adobe have a fix for Flex 1.5.  The information can be found at

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