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The Functional units wizard that is used for the setup is located at:
The functional unit that has to be enabled is BI Java. Automatic configuration is done by “Enable automatically” button. The prerequisites should be covered.
User data is entered both for J2EE system and ABAP system. System values are entered.
If data is correct the wizard workflow continues through the steps.

• It is possible to get an error:
Execution of Function RSPOR_SETUP_CREATE_DESTINATION ends with an error (message ID: 073, message number: NO_AUTHORIZATION_RFC, message text: {3}).

The trace in the BW system with transaction ST01is showed.
The administrator user that is used in the configuration does not have the S_RFC_ADM role configured. So the role ZC_XXX_BC_XXXX_ALEADMINISTRA_V which contains it is assigned to the user and the step in the wizard is retried.
• It is possible to get an error:
The system SAP_BW is created by the wizard but there are problems with the creation of new aliases. In this case newly created SAP_BW permissions should be changed. The user that executes the wizard should have write permissions for this object in the portal as it is shown in the screenshot.
The process should be finished successfully at state 100%.


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