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In many of the Portal I have seen that they have lots of branding in the Portal. Except the Portal title.

If you see business SAP NetWeaver Portal, the title always seems to be as "SAP NetWeaver Portal.

In this blog I'll show you the shortest way to change the Portal title.

This Portal title will be overwritten in all the pages. If you have observed that the Portal name, it changes according to the navigation e.g. if you are viewing iView with the name as "Test iView" then the title changes as "Test iView - SAP NetWeaver Portal".

If we change the page title as described in the blog, it will give you a consistent page title as iView name concatenated with the page title as set.

To do the changes user must have System Administrator role assigned.

The steps are as follows:

1) Login into the SAP NetWaeaver Portal

2) Go to "System Administration -> System Configuration -> Service Configuration"

3) Open "Portal Runtime -> Central Configuration"

4) Find the Field "portal.html.head.title" and change it as required e.g. "Prashil's Local Portal"

5) Save the changes and restart the J2EE Engine.

You'll get the the page title changed.

Happy Branding!!!!!!

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