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Welcome to Cache Management Space

Caching stores content or data retrieved by a portal user request. The cached data is stored in memory for a preconfigured amount of time. This means that the data is stored closer to portal users so that when they request it, it can be retrieved from the closest source without going back to the original data source.

Successive identical data requests first access the cache, rather than resubmitting the query to the data source. If the cache has not expired, the information stored in the cache is used instead. Caching improves response time and overall system performance by reducing the load on the information source.

The portal provides various caching mechanisms for different aspects of the portal:

  1. Configuring Application Caching
  2. Navigation Caching
  3. Activating the OBN Cache
  4. Activating and Clearing the Portal Runtime Cache
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Configuring Caching

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