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This WIKI page intends to help the Portal Content Administrator to enable "Add to Portal Favourites" option in the Page Title bar for Portal Pages.

To enable the "Add to portal favourites" option, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Navigate to the Portal Content Studio with the following navigation path
                               Content Administration -> Portal Content -> Portal Content.
  2. Navigate to the PCD location where you active framework page is located.
  3. Inside the framework page, navigate to the Page Title Bar iview .
  4. Open Properties for that iview and navigate to Property : " Show 'Add to Portal Favourites' Option".
  5. Select yes in the radio button choice for the property.
  6. Save the iview and close.
  7. Refresh your portal desktop.

Now when you click on the drop down list available there will be an option to add that particular page in the Portal favourites.

Note: Please confirm if you need to change the iview instance in the framework page or the iview in the PCD. If you have inserted an iview in the framwork page with Delta Link, then change the source iview in the PCD.Ideally, if you are changing the default framework and its iviews supplied by SAP, then you should be working on a copy of the SAP delivered content and not on the content directly.

Please visit the following link on for more information about the Page Title Bar iview [Link.|].


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  1. Unknown User (1007x9631)

    very nice. do you know about adding more links in tool area?