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Changing log severity via telnet

Question: How can I change the log severity via telnet?

You can change log severity via telnet (e.g. you don't have WebAS visual admin tool)

  1. Telnet to the server
    On command line: telnet <server_ip> <server_port> (server port = same port to access the portal + 8) e.g. telnet localhost 50008
  2. Jump to server node (skip this step for NY)
    On non cluster environment:
    > JUMP 0
    On cluster environment:
    > JUMP (will show All available cluster's elements, or LSC to get a detailed list) and then:
    > JUMP <server_ID>
  3. Add log menu:
    > ADD LOG
  4. Change the log severity:
    NW04, NW04s:
    > LOG_EDIT -c <location> e.g. LOG_EDIT -c
    > LOG_EDIT <location> e.g. LOG_EDIT
    You will be prompt to select the new severity. E.g.
    You will be prompt whether to store the configuration
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