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Connection Test Tool

Test connection tool - Note 785029

Launch TestingConnection component


Available since SP2 patch 27 \ SP13
Is available as part of the support platform (3 out of 4 tests)

How to identify the problem - examples

Direct JCO connection failed

  1. Check the given parameters
  2. If parameters are ok, problem is in JCO layer. Forward to BC-MID-CON-JCO
  3. When this is the case other R3 will fails as well, as they all use JCO. Connector gateway service

Direct JCO connection ok but Direct connector framework failed

  1. Check the given parameters. If ok -> Problem in the connector.

Connector gateway service ok but Direct connector framework failed

  1. Wrong parameter was given in the test. Though, system is configured correctly

Connector gateway service failed but Direct connector framework ok

  • System is not configured correctly or
  • User mapping/logon ticket is not configured correctly.
  • If system is currently configured to logon tickets - ask the customer do o the same test while switching to UIDPW. If problem is only with logon ticket - forward o BC-JAS-SEC-UME

Direct JCO Connection ok but JCO Client service failed

  1. Check the given parameters. If ok -
  2. Problem in the system landscape service
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