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This WIKI page provides a demonstration of how to create Activity Report Iviews for monitoring Pages and iviews activities on SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal. 


This WIKI page gives a complete step by step example of how to have access statistics on Pages or Iviews in SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal.

At the prerequisite session shows the configuration that has to be done on any page or iview to have it monitored or not from Activity Reports. At the Configuring the Portal Activity Reports Iview have a step by step of how configuring  Activity Reports iviews..At the result subtopic, an idea how the statics looks like, and on the end, have a troubleshooting that helps on evaluate the most common issues that can be found on Activity Reports.


To have a report about how many users have hit some pages/ivews, firstly, you must make sure that you know how the activity report works. During a certain period of time, just the first hit of the user will be registered. For example, if you do an hourly report you will have just the first hit of the user.
Also you must know that the report just can register pages/iviews that the users can see, so it is important to make sure you will add on your report just pages/iviews that are inside a role. There are some special situations that won't be covered here since are out of scope in this article;

Step 1 - Have a role and page or/and iview.

Step 2 - Make sure you have added the page or iview to the role.


Step 3 - Verify the property "monitor hits" on the page or iview inside the role.


Select on combo box "Property Category" the property "Monitoring".

Step 4 - Create a Portal Activity Reports Iview:







Configuring the Portal Activity Reports Iview:

1) With the Activity Report Iview opened, please select Page/Iview activity.

2) In this article we are going to work just with pages/iviews that are accessed from inside a role because usually when an end user calls a page/iview it is made via a role and not directly from the PCD*. On this case, you have to ensure to add the iview/page on the "activity report iview" from inside a role. To do that please right click on the role and select "Add all Objects to selected content List". After adding the iviews/pages on the list you can remove them in case you don't want data to be collected.

 Obs.: There are few kinds of iviews/pages that can be accessed outside a role, but as commented before it won't be covered on this article since this is not the focus.

a) Observe that you have added all content inside the role, so feel free to delete what you don't want monitoring.

b) Also see that on the ID column you have a PCD* path including the role.

Period of time

1) To select the period from your report select reporting period.
2) Select the period of time. 



Just to clarify the test, we created 2 Activity report iviews. One daily report and another hourly report. We have started the test on 14/05/2010 until 16/05/2010. On 14/05 we found some issues that will show how to solve on the last topic of this article called "troubleshooting".
The "Reporting Period" configuration for the Daily report was set from 14/05/2010 to 16/05/2010 as you can check bellow:
The result for this report was 12 hits on the page CNN. Made from the users TESTACT3, TESTACT1, TESTACT2, that was used on the test. It's important to emphasize that the IDs of the users are displayed for this page because the property "Monitor Users" is set to "yes" for this page. Moreover, iViews don't have this property, hence Viewers IDs can be displayed only for pages. By default this property is "no".  

The "Reporting Period" configuration for the Hourly report was set just for 16/05/2010 from 00:00 to 24:00 as you can check bellow:

The result for this report is separated per hour as you can see bellow:


As you may read above, we started the test on 14/05 but just had content from 15/05. This happens because the system was not doing aggregation. This issue was solved  by applying carefully the note 1084379 . Note that as "Activity Report" is a release independent component, this note has all bugs found for all supported versions from EP7 and EP6.

Other important configuration to review:

1- Go to: System Administration> System Configuration>Service Configuration>Applications>> "right click" >administrate And check if the services are turned on.

2- Go to: System Administration> System Configuration>Service Configuration>Applications>> Services> right click > configure And check if the configuration "Activate portal activity report" is set to true. Otherwise the aggregation will not work and you will have no reports.
You can also check on System Administration> System Configuration>Service Configuration>Applications> > Services>ActivityReport> right click > configure

And check you have the property "Activate Data Collection" set to false. If you are using activity report this service is not useful and can cause serious performance issues.
*PCD -  Portal Content Directory


If follow my steps above, you probably are able to collect data about the hits your users do on your Netwevaer Portal.

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Note 1084379 - Portal Activity Report - Latest version (SDA file).


  1. Very important topic it will help on how to monitor the correct portal objects in activity report. Congratulations.(thumbs up)

  2. Keep expanding the page as much as possible!

  3. Former Member

    Hi Fabi


    The blog was very informative. I have turned on the activity report but the aggregation does not happen. " The aggregator has not been executed " warning is seen on the Activity report. The note you have mentioned seem to be for only NW7.0. We are in 7.31. Could you please suggest if I am missing anything. 


    Thanks, Raj