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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain a collections of problems and questions with solutions and answers to topics around the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Basic APIs

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    Portal Content Directory (PCD) in 7.0 — The Portal Content Directory (PCD) is the main repository for portal content, both delivered with the portal and created by administrators. The PCD contains a hierarchy of folders, each of which can contain semantic objects, such as iViews, pages and roles.
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    Navigation — Although there are standard navigation functions within the SAP Portal, it is possible to extend those capabilities. Navigation is generally based on role structures, which can have content filters to allow for different content to be viewed by different users based on their attributes.
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User Interface

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    User Interfaces — This section describes how to build solid user interfaces for your applications.
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    Look and Feel — Changing the look and feel of the SAP Portal is quite useful to make the user experience more consistent with the rest of your organisation.

Back-End Systems

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    Delete - old content - Connectivity — Connectivity refers to the ability of a portal application to access data from a back-end system or application.

    Portal is the latin/greek word for entry. You enter the backend via a portal.

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    Delete - Application Integrator — The application integrator lets you integrate remote Web applications into the portal. The service creates portal components that serve as template for iViews which represent the remote application.
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Development (General)

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    Delete - Debugging — The AS Java provides debugging tools that portal developers can take advantage to uncover problems in their applications.

User Management

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    Delete - User Management — Portal users must be authenticated to use most portal functions (except for those available to anonymous users). The portal takes advantage of the User Management Engine of the AS Java.


Installation and Implementation

Support Information

Other Topics

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