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Welcome to the Portal . This is the WIKI starting point for topics around SAP NetWeaver Portal.
Feel free to create and correct entries.

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Getting Started

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    Getting Started — Start here to understand how to implement the SAP portal.

Walkthrough Installation of SAP NetWeaver Trial and ESS Business Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Delete - FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain a collections of problems and questions with solutions and answers to topics around the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Code Snippets and Tutorials

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    Portal Snippets — A collection of portal code snippets located in the Code Library (labeled snippet and ep_snippet}.

SAP Service Offerings

No-Limits Portal Statistics (Portal Usage Reporting + web analytics - Thomas Schreiner)
Portal Security Optimization (Operating a NetWeaver Portal in high-security environments - Martin Kraus)


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In addition to this Wiki, out the following:

SDN Resources

Portal Documentation

Other material is listed on the Getting Started page.

NetWeaver Books

A collection of books about SAP NetWeaver Portal has been published by SAP Press in English and in German

Recently Updated

What I Want In the Portal

Ever thought of something which would be really useful in the portal.  Put it in here and hopefully we will get SAP Product Management to implement some of our suggestions.


Unanswered FAQs

Put any questions here that currently don't have an answer in the FAQ area. The questions should be of a generic nature. A good example would be "How do you make an iView to start a BW report?" A less useful question would be "How do you tune the portal?".

Remember, it is to actually answer question! It is more a list of topics that somone (maybe you?) can try to provide some information about.

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