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The Task

There are different ways to leverage the development capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

We expect from you to create a business use case and based on this you develop a running Cloud Portal site on the SAP Cloud Platform trial account. This site can be created with SAP Fiori design or freestyle or a mixture of both. Add some applications to your site, you could for example develop cool applications with SAP Web IDE, connect them to your backends or any other API and embed them in your portal sites. You can also use non-SAP applications (Google, Sharepoint etc.) if they fit to your business use case.

Note that the jury of this challenge will validate all submissions on the following criteria: Technical Level/Creativity, Innovation/Business Relevance/Design, User Experience

To meet these criteria, you should consider to make use of some of the following development capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Portal:

  • Use the SAP Fiori launchpad plugin to extend the shell of the SAP Fiori launchpad site
  • Create site templates for Portal freestyle sites in SAP Web IDE
  • Develop a web content widget template in SAP Web IDE, extend it by adding code snippets. You can combine content widgets and applications on the same Portal site.
  • Leverage SAP Cloud Portal APIs to create custom navigation menus, widgets mashups (communication), widget settings and more
  • Integrate additional SAP Cloud Platform services to boost your solution – add collaboration capabilities to your portal with SAP Jam, display documents by integrating with SAP Document Center.
  • Create innovative themes for your Portal sites with the SAP Theme designer.
  • Develop custom tiles for your SAP Fiori launchpad sites

It is totally up to you and your creativity what you decide to do and which development capabilities/elements you are going to choose.

See also the announcement blog of the SAP Cloud Platform Portal Developer Challenge 2018:

In the following paragraphs, you find information and documentation links on the development capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Portal:

Developing for SAP Fiori Launchpad Sites

An SAP Fiori launchpad plugin allows you to extend the shell of the SAP Fiori launchpad.  SAP Cloud Platform Portal also offers its own API catalog in the SAP API Business Hub.

More information:
Developer Guide for SAP Fiori Launchpad Sites


Site Template Development for Freestyle Sites

SAP Web IDE offers a custom plug-in for developing freestyle site components in a structured manner. The plug-in consists of a set of wizards for creating site templates, page templates, pages, and widgets, as well as an option to convert a Web application to a freestyle site widget. All components are packaged together in one SAPUI5 project that developers can extend and customize developing with SAPUI5, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery etc.

The template projects can then be easily deployed to your subaccount on the cloud.

More information:

Developer Guide for Freestyle Sites

Tutorial: Create your own Portal freestyle site


Widget Development

Develop SAPUI5 applications, integrate them as full page apps launched from Fiori Launchpad tiles or from your freestyle experiences or embed them into your portal pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

How to:


Custom Web Content Widgets:

Developers can develop a web content widget template in SAP Web IDE and then extend it by adding code snippets and rendering the layout according their user's needs.

More information:

Developing Web Content Widget Templates

Shell Plugins

Fiori and Portal developers can extend the functionality of Fiori Launchpad and Portal freestyle sites using Fiori Shell plugins. The concept of plugins allows portal implementers to hook into the Fiori Shell and add new elements to the User Experience – add menu items, create a custom footer, extend the header and more. Fiori Shell plugins are SAPUI5 component apps that are loaded and initialized automatically when the site is started. This means that in addition to hooking into the Shell UX, plugins can be used to initiate and run site related actions in the background – like, register your site to usage analytics tracking (like Google Analytics)

How to:

Plugin Examples:


Portal APIs

  1. SAP Cloud Platform Portal APIs – API Documentation
  2. Fiori Shell services are also available in Portal sites (Fiori Launchpad and Freestyle), like: UserInfoCrossApplicationNavigation
  3. Eventbus – for communicating between portal widgets and apps


Integrating additional SAP Cloud Platform services


openSAP Course "Building Portal Sites on SAP Cloud Platform"

From September 11 until October 24, we were running our openSAP course “Building Portal Sites on SAP Cloud Platform, Edition 2018”. You missed this course? You can still register and access all the content. In this openSAP course our Portal experts cover all the essentials of building engaging business sites based on SAP Cloud Platform Portal. The course content covers topics such as why do we need a Portal, how to build a Portal site following the SAP Fiori design or your own freestyle design. We will also introduce you to advanced topics such as platform administration, establishing role-based access and more.













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