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Overview :

Portal users can access tabsets from the Display menu in the header area to see only a given group of entry points / roles in top-level navigation.

Version : EP7.3

Technical Details :

1. Configure Tabset :

Login to Netweaver Administrator using http://host:port/nwa with sufficient rights and navigate to Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> Application Modules.

In the Module List, find the Web Module Details section, Under the Components tab, select InitialNodesPersonalizationService.

In the Portal Service Details section, configure the following properties:

portal.navigation.tabsets.enabled - Enables filtering of entry points and adds the Tabset option to the Display menu at runtime.

portal.navigation.tabsets.minsize  -You can specify not to display the Tabsets option if top-level navigation contains a small number of entries. For example, if a user only has six in top-level navigation, there is no reason for the user to choose a tabset to display a subset of these entries.

Choose Save, and restart the InitialNodesPersonalizationService service by navigating as shown below.

2.  Create Tabset :

In the portal, navigate to  Content Administration -> Portal Display -> Tabsets . To create a new tabset, in the Existing Tabsets table, choose New.

In the Add Tabset dialog box, specify the general properties of the tabset, and choose OK.The tabset appears in the list of existing tabsets.
Select the tabset that you created, and in the Entry Points table, search for entry points/Roles to add to the tabset:In the Find field, specify whether you want to search for roles or for objects configured as entry points.Enter a search string and choose Go.

From the list of search results, choose the entry points that you want to include in your tabset, and choose Add to Tabset.

Similarly add other roles which need to be displayed under  this tabset .Using Remove button , roles can be removed from existing tabset .

Result :

Portal users can access tabsets from the Display menu in the header area as shown below.

Choose Display -> Tabsets -> All , if all entries should be visible instead of tabset.

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