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Overview :

Change Recording feature enables administrators to track the changes done by other consultants by using the change lists from which changes can be release and transported using CTS.Administrators need not collect the changes one by one. In addition, change recording also stores the deletions in the change lists and therefore also transport deletions to other systems. Manual deletions on target systems are no longer necessary.

Version EP 7.3

Prerequisites :

Need Super Admin, NWA , CTS access to implement this functionality.

CTS configuration should be in place as per the wiki

Technical Details :

1. Activate Change Recording :

Login the NetWeaver Administrator of your development portal (http://<host>:<port>/nwa) and navigate to Configuration -> Infrastructure and Choose Java System Properties.

Choose Show Advanced Properties. Choose the appropriate template or instance for your portal installation.Choose the tab *Services.*Search with filter PCD under Services.

Select PCD Generic Layer in the section Details about . Mark the line Pcd.ChangeRecording.isChangeRecordingActive and click on Modify and change it to True in the Custom Calculated Value  and click on Set. Choose Save.

2. Activate Change Recording for PCD Folders.

 Log On to the development portal (http://<host>:<port>/irj/portal) with portal admin rights and navigate to System Administration -> Transport -> Change Recording Configuration.Open the folder Portal Content -> <your folder> (where you would like to use Change Recording) and mark the checkbox in front of the respective folder(s).Save your changes.Turning on Change Recording for a certain folder will automatically turn it on for all subfolders.


Using Manage omitted prefixes , Change Recording for objects can be prevented where a certain prefix is used.

Go to Content Administration -> Portal Content Management and open the folder Portal Content. The change recording enabled pcd folder(s) show a red bullet as a decorator on the folder icon. This indicates that Change Recording is in use for the folder.

3 . Assign Roles .

Assign the below roles as per your requirement.

SAP_CR_DISPLAYER: To view all changelists and teams only.
SAP_CR_DEVELOPER: To work with Changelists both in teams and on their own.
SAP_CR_ADMINISTRATOR: To use the full functionality of change recording.
SAP_CR_TRANSPORTER: To just release the changelist.
SAP_CR_TEAMORGANIZER: To create change or delete teams but can only view changelists.

4. Use Change Recording.

Navigate to Content Administration -> Portal Content Management ->  Click on the section My Open Changelists.Make sure that there is no open changelist available for your user.

Open the change recording enabled folder under Portal Content and create or change any PCD Object.In the below example, renamed the page and after saving , changes automatically attached to one changelist.

Now Observe the attached activity to changelist under My Open Change list and open it from change organizer as shown below.

Activate and Release the objects to CTS system for transport using Activate button.

As long as the changelist has not been activated, changes can be reverted using Revert Button as in above screenshot.

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