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Enable the Visual Composer Log

Question: How can I see the log files?

Visual Composer log

To activate the Visual Composer log, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Visual Administrator.
  2. Connect the relevant machine.
  3. Navigate to Server -> Services -> Visual Composer - Development server and change the value of the VC.VerboseErrorMessages field to True.
  4. Restart the J2EE Engine (from SAP Management Console).
  5. Connect again to the Visual Composer and deploy the relevant model.The error message should appear with details.

BI Kit log

  1. log on to J2EE VisAdmin
  2. go to Services -> Log configurator
  3. select Locations tab
  4. go to com -> sap -> portal
  5. select visualComposer_NWBIKit_logger
  6. set its log severity to debug;
  7. choose Enable SQL trace
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