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This wiki is useful for overcoming the error which occurs frequently when we run PDK.Net application without setting the portal .Net service property.

If the PDK. Net Runtime Server is stopped we will get an exception at Runtime showing that the PDK.NET Runtime Service is not Running

Restarting the .NET Runtime from Management Console

If we get this error, we need to restart the "Server 00" Node in Management Console.

The below screen depicts the same

Now since the Service will be started, try to open the iView again or just refresh the Browser.

During the runtime suddenly if we get error again we have to follow the same process.But that will be a typical job to do it again and again.If we follow the following approach it will automatically restarts server.

Making the Service to Restart Automatically every Minute if it is Stopped

        If Service is Stopped at Runtime we may not be able to open the iViews Properly. For  that we need to Open the Management Console for PDK Runtime for .NET and we need to restart the "SERVER 00" node again to run the iView properly.

        Instead of opening the Management Console and restarting the "SERVER 00" node when ever we get Portal Runtime Error we can make this "SERVER 00" Node start automatically after every Minute by following these Steps.

        Click on Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services  > right click "SAP NetWeaver Portal Runtime for .NET Server 00" then click on Properties.
In the Properties Windows click on "Recovery" and then set all Failures to "Restart the Service" and Restart Service After one Minute and click OK.
Now the Service will be restarted automatically after every minute if it is Stopped.

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