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Flash vs. WebDynpro

General aspects to consider

  • Are the end-users of the application allowed to install/use the flash player? No --> WebDynpro
  • Do you need extensive resizing possibilities due to large forms/tables? Yes --> WebDynpro
  • Do you base your application on many different data sources? Yes --> Flash


WebDynpro only supports Webservices as datasource.

See also note 950492


However, if you uncheck mask unsupported features under Tools -> Options, and then deploy, BAPIs will also work to a certain extent.

Horizontal Scrollbars

Flash has no horizontal scrollbars

Wed Dynpro allows tree option within the tables which is supported in Visual Composer.


WebDynpro does not support popup windows


WebDynpro only supports None and Wizard
(Check also this Thread)

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