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Note: You do not have to be registered in the SDN for this exercise.

1. Get an overview of all the available business packages by using the Portal Content Portfolio. How many are provided by SAP and how many by partners?

a) Open in the URL Web browser. Go to Enterprise Portal -> Portal Content Portfolio.
b) Click on Browse Content Portfolio and select All Business Packages.

The tabs SAP Content or Vendor Content show how many business packages have been found.

2. Go to a business package (suggestion: Business Package for Manager Self Service, latest version) and determine which detailed information can be obtained.

a) Go to the required business package (for the suggestion you can search using Search Content Portfolio with the search term MSS or using Browse Content Portfolio to get to People Management and Budget Management). Click on the title of the business package.

b) From the new window, you can inform yourself about:
. General information (release, status, supported languages)
. System requirements (portal versions, back-end requirements)
. Support and licensing information
. Content objects included
. Link to online documentation
. Screenshot sampler (optional)
. Support packages (optional)

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  1. Hi Anil,

    They must've re-arranged the content.  The proper location is now...

    SDN Community > User Productivity > User Interface Technology

    That would bring you to the "Predefined Portal Content Integration" Page where you could download info about SAP and non-SAP Business Packages.

    The shortcut URL is