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At times the requirement comes to change/modify/customize the logon page. Had it been the easy steps of "download the par from portal > upload it in NWDS > do modifications in the required JSP > Deploy it on to the server" then this paper was not required to be written. Code change in the logon class file may require tweaking with the logon flow, and for any such customization we need to alter SAPMLogonLogic class file. We can say, this class is the heart of the Logon flow.

Author(s):  Atul Agrawal  

Company:  Keane an NTT Data Company
Created on:    14-Jun-2011
Author(s) Bio
Atul Agrawal is a SAP EP consultant with Keane, an NTT Data Company, Gurgaon. He is Proficient on SAP Netweaver Portal in developing Custom Java iViews, System Administration, Content Administration,User Management, NWDS based PDK Development, Customization of portal themes, desktop rules and master role collection, customization of standard Portal components like Logon PAR, Mast Head and Top level navigation. Atul has the experience in Integrating BW, Web Applications and BO reports using Appinegrator services of SAP Portal. He is proficient in web technologies ExtJS 2.3, JQuery and Blue print CSS and also holds experience in end to end implementation of external facing Portal and integrating it with SAP BW via SAP Logon ticket based mechanism.

Steps to update the class file

You have downloaded the logon par from the server and uploaded it in NWDS. SAPMLogonLogic class file is not visible directly under the project. It lies inside umelogonbase.jar. Follow the below mentioned steps to find the class file and make any changes in the same.

  1. Download the par file from portal. Open it with winzip. Extract all the files in a new folder. Browse the folder to the path PORTAL-INF\lib. Find .jar files present inside.
  2. After uploading the par file in NWDS, browse to the folder dist\PORTAL-INF\lib. Copy all the .jar files except umelogonbase.jar from step 1 and paste them at this path.
  3. At the path mentioned in step 1, open umelogonbase.jar with winzip. Extract the files in a new folder.
  4. In the above folder, browse to the path com\sap\security\core\sapmimp\logon. Find class files present here. SAPMLogonLogic.class must also be present at the location.
  5. Make sure you have the software DJ Java Decompiler 3.7 installed in your computer.
  6. Open all the .class files one by one(present in the path mentioned at step 4) in the above software and save them with the same
  7. In NWDS, create new package, under the par file. Copy all the .java files (at step 6) and paste them in the new package created here.
  8. Now open in NWDS and make all the required changes in the logic. Save the file, add all the necessary external jar files and build the project.
  9. Now browse to the NWDS logon par project path, for example:- C:\SAP\com.mycomp.portal.runtime.logon\classes.api\com\sap\security\core\sapmimp\logon and find the class files present there. Copy the SAPMLogonLogic.class to a new folder.
  10. Refer back to step 3, open the original umelogonbase.jar with winzip and add the class file (from step 9) in the folder.
  11. Now copy this umelogonbase.jar and save this under the folder dist\PORTAL-INF\lib as in step 2
  12. Delete this package created in NWDS.
  13. Deploy the par file on the server.

Now your portal is ready with all the modifications done in the logon par.

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  1. In my project, within the classes.api folder, I dont find fodlers called sap security core sapmimp logon etc...and hence I dont file the necessary .class file. please help !

  2. Hi

    I tried as you mentioned above steps but in our case , not getting the changed code in class file (SAPMLogonLogic). I tried by creating DC using NWDI, but still it is not creating updated UMElogonbase.jar.

    Can you provide some inputs on this issue?

    Thanks n regards