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Explains how to enable/disable short url, or how to decrypt a hashed navigation node.


- Portal administrator wants to (or requested by Support) enable/disable short url;
- Portal administrator needs to decrypt a hashed navigation node.

An example of Short URL. Below URL:
can be hashed and shortened to:


Check below with an admin user with super_admin_role assigned.


For NetWeaver Portal 7.0X, 7.1X, and 7.2:
Portal -> System Administration -> Navigation -> Short URLs


For NetWeaver Portal 7.3X onwards:
Portal -> System Administration -> System Configuration -> Runtime Settings -> Short URLs


You can Enable/Disable Short URLs by changing 'Use Short URLs' option.
And to decrypt hashed navigation node, you can search for '33241b03f14eb9554ef4961bce782888' as of the example in 'Symptom' section.


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