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Welcome to Logging and Tracing Space

The portal is logged using the standard central logging system of the AS Java. The Log Viewer tool in SAP NetWeaver Administrator allows you to view all logs and traces that are generated from the portal.
To ensure stable and error-free operation of the portal, you should check the logs regularly for error messages. If required, you can also configure the default logging settings to best meet your requirements.
Log and trace files contain information about the system execution:

Log files are mainly used by administrators to monitor the system operation and to perform error analysis. Therefore, logs are always switched on and get written automatically. They have predefined granularity (severity) that can be modified at runtime. Logs are typically written to categories specific to problem areas.

Trace files are mainly used by developers or support (engineers) to record and analyze the occurrence of certain events at runtime. Therefore, tracing is normally turned off. Traces can be switched on if a problem has occurred and a detailed analysis of a distinct aspect of the portal is necessary. Traces are typically written to locations that originate from specific source code areas.

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