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Business Scenario :

In the client landscape , two SAP Portals were there where one SAP Portal used for showing BW Specific reports only. Another SAP Portal is for all ESS/MSS/ECC/CRM Custom applications purpose. Client want to use same SAP Portal for BW Reports as well as part of cost saving initiative program.

Version : EP7.01 SP8 , BI 7.0

Technical Details :

1. Check whether BW SAP Portal and other SAP Portal are in same version level.Better to maintain other SAP Portal version level similar to BW SAP Portal to avoid risk of bugs.

2. Check type of SSO Configured in BW SAP Portal and whether same scenario can be done from other SAP Portal. ( Ex : Same user id in both portal and BW to use Logon ticket ).

3. Create Transport package for BW Reports PCD folder in which all BW Reports reside and Export Portal EPA File from BI SAP Portal and Import Transport package .epa file into other SAP Portal.

Generally all customers use their company name as pcd folder name to store all PCD Content ( Ex :  all bw reports ).During Import of exported epa file from BW SAP Portal into other SAP Portal , Select None from dropdown of Content to be Overwritten.

4. Configure SSO between other SAP Portal and BW System .Export Systems from BW SAP Portal and Import into Other SAP Portal and maintain same system alias names . Configure JCO Destinations BI_METADATA , BI_MODELDATA pointing to BW systems.

5. Set security zones permissions to Netweaver.BI Folder from System Administration -> Permissions -> Portal Permissions -> Security Zones -> -> Netweaver.BI as shown below.Make sure Every One or Authenticated users group End user permisisons checked.

6.  Navigate to Content Administration -> Portal Content -> Content Provided by SAP -> Platform Add-Ons and set End user permission to authenticated users or Everone group to the folders BI Administration and Business Intelligence folder.

7.  Create New BW Repository Managaers in other SAP Portal similar to BW SAP Portal.

Navigate to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management ->  Choose Repository Managers -> Choose BI Document Repository -> Choose New and maintain similar to this.

Navigate to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management ->  Choose Repository Managers -> Choose BI Metadata Repository -> Choose New

8. Transport KM Data of BW SAP Portal to other SAP Portal using ICE Package transport method.

9. Transport themes , desktops and master rule collection if applicable.

10. Maintain Other SAP Portal url in RSPOR_T_PORTAL table from transaction SM30 instead of BW SAP Portal.

11. Collect BW Portal role - groups assignment and groups-users assignment based on landscape from user administration / from particular UME data source. Assign Role - Groups and Groups-users assignment in other SAP Portal.


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