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Put the title of your page in the Title Section of a new page - word it to accurately identify the information contained in the page and that will make sense to readers of the content. It should be a logical title for the content.

Purpose: (Size: Heading 2)

Explain briefly the purpose of this page (Why it is useful to the community/reader). E.g. The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to.....

Overview: (Size: Heading 2)

This should be an executive summary of the content and argument being made in the document. Basically a summary (not repeat) of the information you are explaining

Other Section 1: (Size: Heading 2)

This is the main part of your document where you talk through the system logic or behavior you are explaining. Use pictures to emphasize the points you are trying to make or to illustrate the transactions, selection screens, reports, etc. that you are discussing.

Other Section 2: (Size: Heading 2)

Same as above, you can have as many sections as you need to make the information you are explaining as clear and simple to follow as possible.

Related Content: (Size: Heading 1)

Related Documents: (Size: Heading 2)

Insert SAP Help links or other WIKI content

Related Notes: (Size: Heading 2)

Insert links to any related Notes or KBAs that support your topic or are related.

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