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Cannot see the system list in Visual Composer

  1. Make sure that you have set the Security Zone permissions correctly for the Netweaver Portal content under in System Administration -> Permissions. Add the VCRole role to the Medium Safety security zone with the following permissions: [VC:None, EU = yes]
    This should display the systems in the data source list in Visual Composer.
  2. check if the permissions set on the folder your systems are set to allow everyone to use them.
  3. Make sure that your system logs and see if the user guest is trying to login when you perform a search for systems. If this is in fact the case make sure the login modules are setup appropriately. See pages 46 & 47 of the Visual Composer troubleshooting guide, it explains in detail how to do this.
  4. Based on information collected by Phillip Merrick at this post:
  5. Under Tools -> Options -> Compiler there is a checkbox for Masking unsupported features. By Unchecking it, you can see the all the systems, whether the compiler is set to Flash or Webdynpro.

One other thing to check is what runtime mode you have selected under Tools -> Options -> Compiler: Make sure "Flash" is selected, otherwise, only Web Service data services will be displayed.

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  1. Unknown User (105fizp4c)

    Lifesaver ! thanks.

  2. Unknown User (105tecyy0)


    In this wiki ,you mentioned if you uncheck the Masking unsupported features Check box ,we can see all the Backend Systems .

     Means if you check that and select the webdynpro runtime then we should not get the Backends (RFC/BAPI/BI )other than Webservices Right?

    But I am getting the otherbackeneds also even i selected the Chech box and selected the runtime as Webdynpro.

    Is this a Bug with that System

    Please correct me if i am wrong.