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Find here some information on SAP NetWeaver Portal classes from SAP Education.  

SAP Education Curriculum for SAP NetWeaver Portal

In the SAP Education curriculum for SAP NetWeaver Portal you find classroom trainings for many aspects of the product.
Global information on Portal training is to be found at "SAP NetWeaver Portal".

If you don't have any knowledge in the SAP NetWeaver Portal area you should start with class SAPEP. If the fundamental concepts of SAP NetWeaver Portal are known to you, class EP200 gives you an extensive overview of administration and configuration of SAP NetWeaver Portal.

For developers the class EP120 provides detailed knowledge about how to develop in the Portal area. You should already bring with you a good knowledge in J2EE development as a prerequisite to this class.

As best practice to get detailed information on the course content, you should visit the SAP Education Homepage, choose your country from the list and navigate further down. This is recommended, because there are also country specifc learning offerings which are not available at global level.
Another good approach is, to visit the SAP Education Learning Portal and select your country from the drop down in the Access to Course Catalog or Quick Access to Courses section.

Country specifc examples:
For Portal classes in Germany go to SAP Education Germany ( or even more directly to
For Portal classes in United Kingdom go to the SAP Education United Kingdom ( or even more directly to

Consultant Certification

For SAP NetWeaver Portal there is also a Technical Consultant certification available (Booking code: C_TEP10_04s, Associate Level (booking may be different from country to country)). To prepare for the certification exam the class TADM10 or TADM5 (Delta Course) and TEP10 is provided in some countries (view training curriculum here: SAP Education). In addition to the topics from SAPEP and EP200 some content of EP300 (KMC) and further additional topics like, for example Installation and Maintenance are included. Offered course bookings to prepare for a certification also my vary from country to country.

To get more information on these classes again, visit the SAP Education Homepage (global or in your country) and look for some section called similar to "Consultant Academy" or "Certification Program".

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  1. Hi Tobias. I disagree with some of your last changes here. Now the links point only to the german education pages. Please keep in mind, that not only people from germany may want to get this information. Also some deep links were rather misleading.
    I will correct this.