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Introduction to Portal on Device 

Today, mobile devices are becoming the new desktops.

While it is technically possible to deliver a comprehensive mobile solution via native applications, this involves high Total Cost of Implementation (TCI) and high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Meanwhile, mobile Web browsers are capable of running serious business applications. By creating powerful mobile Web applications, you can maintain a single application version for various types of devices, thus reducing TCI and TCO.  To run these mobile Web applications, you use SAP NetWeaver Portal as a mobile gateway to enterprise information systems. 
Inspired by the exciting new capabilities that modern mobile web browsers offer, SAP NetWeaver Portal development teams have been actively working on a new strategy, known as "portal on device", which makes SAP NetWeaver Portal accessible on mobile devices. The following software package and related document show you an example of how to implement portal on device, so you can see a preview of the new developments coming out-of-the-box in a future version of SAP NetWeaver Portal.


Introduction to Portal on Device

Portal on Device – why it makes so much sense

Code Examples

Portal on Device - Project (Code)


 SAP NetWeaver Portal on Device – Overview on the Mobility Solution and Roadmap (11/16/2011)

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  1. Unknown User (w0nqklu)

    Excellent Wiki for SAP Mobility aspirants.. 

    Thank You Don/John for the Wiki.

    Could you please update on the suppport for existing standard ESS/MSS JAVA/ABAP Webdynpro access via Portal on Device.I know in webinar you said some very early feasibility study has been started in this regard .



  2. Unknown User (d9ppopp)

    Hey Experts!

          Excellent pdf guide to get started. I would like to know if the apps can be assigned to users based on roles assigned to them, in the "More Apps" section.