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What Is On-Demand Portal? 

On Demand Portal is based on SAP Cloud Platform for Java-based applications (aka NetWeaver Neo) and SAP HANA. This solution provides out-of-the-box secure and accelerated integration with customers’ on-premise system, allowing for content reuse. SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA - together with SAP Gateway - provide the means for developing new innovative applications that are deployed to the cloud and easily embedded into the sites.

The solution is available for private Beta evaluation since Q1 2012. Release is planned for mid-2012.

More information, see our SCN product page:

Sign-up for the Portal On Demand Beta Program

We are inviting interested customers to join a pre-release beta version for the SAP Portal On Demand new solution, to evaluate, learn and discuss business scenarios, product usability and new features. By participating in the beta program you will get to learn about the new Portal On Demand offering, influence future development of the product, and most important sharing your experience.

The beta will be opened for a limited number of participants (private beta) on Q1 2012 and will last until the first release for productive use, planned for mid 2012.

Beta Program Support Team:

The On Demand Portal support team will provide customers accepted into the beta program with the material and guidance required to access the solution. Ongoing sharing of information, discussions, and feedback collection will be carried out for the entire beta period.

How to Participate:

If you are interested in joining the beta program, please contact us directly or provide a feedback on this page.

Due to an overwhelming interest from our customers and partners we are now closing the nomination for the private beta which will start next month.
In case you’re interested in learning more about the Portal On Demand solution or provide us with feedback regarding technical and business aspects, you are welcome to join our Design Partner Council (DPC) activity.
For more information please contact Ifat Shwartz .


Product Owner

Vitaly Vainer

Solution Management

Yariv Zur

Development Manager

Ohad Yassin

Program Release Manager

Ifat Shwartz


  1. Portal On Demand team is looking to meet customers and partners at TechEd Madrid. If you are interested just drop an email to one of us (see above).

  2. I am intrested to ivolve Portal On Demand Beta Program, Please provide me basic inputs like architecture etcc

  3. Unknown User (ewxysrt)

    Are you planning to use the Portal on Demand to integrate with services to SuccessFactors?

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    While we do have extensive connectivity plans with SAP on premise and on demand solutions, we don't have any particular answers regarding SuccessFactors integration. However, if you have particular scenario in mind, please contact me by email and we'll discuss it further.



  5. Hi Rajesh,

    Please contact regarding your inquiry.