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SAP Transaction iView - Transfering code page parameters to start SAP GUI

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Author:  Ido Fishler

Company:     SAP LABS
Created on:    Dec 1st 2011
Author Bio
Ido is a Java developer in the SAP Enterprise Portal IMS group, Specialized in the fields of: Application Integration and Styles.

How to use

In new EP versions there is a parameter on the SAP Transaction iView that allows you to concatenate these values named:

"Additional parameters to start SAP GUI". It's a property on the iView under the category "Content - Transaction"

To add more than one parameter you will need to separate the values with " /" (space and then slash).

For example: UPDOWNLOAD_CP=8000 /SOMETHING_ELSE=2000.

Great, What should I do if I've got an older portal version?

If you have an older portal version there is a workaround you can use:

1. Download the par – ""

2. Unpack it and find the file – ""
Under the folder: "PORTAL-INF\property\Transaction"

3. In this file you need to make some changes:

4.In line #44 - after:


You can add (inside the brackets) your parameter separated by " /" (space and slash)
It should look like:

-gui="<ConnectionString><ConnectionParams> /UPDOWNLOAD_CP=????"... (line continues...)
(???? is your code page)

5. Do the same in line #51 after
GuiParm=<ConnectionString><ConnectionParams> (before the \r\n).

6. Make sure you don't delete anything – just adding.

7. Save and redeploy the PAR file (using the archive uploader).

Important notes

This workaround is NOT upgrade safe. Any deployment of a new PAR/SDA might override your changes. Therefore, this workaround is not recommended and not supported by SAP – use it with care.

Related Content

For further details on applicable parameters to start SAP GUI please see SAP Note 390832 ‘Additional parameters for SAP GUI call’ and 1073779 ‘setting the Frontend Up-/Download Codepage’.

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