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Setting up web services

Question: How we can use the following link of a web service in VC7.0:

You can use this webservice by setting up the Service Endpoint through Visual Administrator.

  1. Go to Cluster - > Server -> Services -> Web Service Security and double click.
  2. Then, in the adjoining window in the J2EE Engine Visual Administrator, select the Web Services Security Service and choose Runtime -> Security Administration -> Security Configuration -> Web Service Clients -> -> DynamicWSProxies -> Create
  3. Then URL =
    Do the authentication, if required.
  4. Save the changes made.

Now it should be available in Visual Composer.


Only Webdynpro supports webservices (see also Flash vs. WebDynpro).
However, if you uncheck mask unsupported features under Tools -> Options, and then deploy, BAPIs will also work to a certain extent.

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