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Setting up web services based on ABAP systems

Question: How can I setup a webservice that is based on an ABAP?

Any Web Service that is not run over ABAP system can configured using VC design board.
However, Web services that run over ABAP (need authentication in order to see the WSDL) must be configured in Visual Administrator.

Here are the instructions on how to define them.

Using Visual Administrator tool please make the following configurations:

  1. In the Navigation panel please open: Server0/Services/Web Services Security navigation folder.
  2. In the right panel please open: Security Configuration/Web Service Clients/
  3. Select the DynamicWSProxies and press the Create button.

From here you have two options:

Option 1

  • if you have the WSDL just enter it here URL:
  • also choose Authentication: BASIC
  • User: ***
  • Password: ****

Option 2

Exposing all Web services deployed on ABAP server:
For example System X7A

Open the X7A system and define:

  • URL:
  • SysID: X7A
  • Client: 100
  • Language: English
  • Authentication: BASIC
  • User: ***
  • Password: ****
  • Save the system configuration
  • Refresh VC storyboard.
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