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Overview :

If any sessions running for long time , it is possible to observe locked sessions and kill them manually if needed . Without kiling them , it is also possible to generate thread dump or heap dump based on the situation to find root cause of the issue.

Version : EP7.3

Technical Details :

If any sessions locked after running for long time or If any lock exceptions generated , log-in to NWA using http://host:port/nwa and navigate to Troubleshooting -> Java  and choose Locks.
Observe all the sorts of locked sessions . It is possible to remove locks of the particular sessions.
To find the reason for lock exceptions or lock of particular issue , try to generate thread dump or Heap dump and find clue.After resolving the root cause of issue , then only remove the lock of that particular sessions .

To generate Threadump or Heap dump , navigate to Troubleshooting -> Advanced Troubleshooting -> Choose Thread Dump Analysis / Heap Dump analysis and generate as shown below to find root cause of issues.

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