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Unlocking a Visual Composer Model

Question: How can I unlock a Visual Composer model?

If a Visual Composer model was not properly closed (e.g., if you exited from the browser without closing the model), the model might be locked. A locked model cannot be opened for editing, only for read access.
There are two ways to unlock a Visual Composer model:

Using the Unlock Models... menu

Log on to Visual Composer and close any open models---you should see an empty storyboard. Choose from the menu Model -> Unlock Models... and select all models to be unlocked. Click on the Unlock button.

Note: In order to unlock models in the MyModels folder, every user can do that for his/her own models. To unlock a model in the Public folder, a user needs administrator rights and the VC_Role assigned.

Using the Visual Administrator

Log on to the J2EE Engine with the Visual Administrator. Navigate from the Global Configuration tree to the client-workspace folders as follows: Services -> Configuration Adapter -> developmentserver -> client workspaces. Open the file for the locked model. The Display configuration dialog box is displayed. Change the value of the read-only property from true to false. Click OK.

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  1. Unknown User (vni825f)

    Thank you for this page because I was fully blocked (and looking at the window to jump (smile)

    Nevertheless, I had to search more to find the solution for my issue.

    We had a "disk full" error while I was working on VC. Hence, several of my models had an error while opening but nevertheless get locked. Even after a restart.

    And the VC menu to unlock didn't work.

    I try your tip by changing the "readonly" value in "ClientWorkspaces -> Environment -> Public" but without success.

    Then I tried in "ClientWorkspaces -> Environment -> Copy" but still not ok.

    Then I delete the entry in "ClientWorkspaces -> Environment -> Copy" for my application. And now I can open it perfectly !!!! (smile)

    Thanks again to put me on the way. I hope I'll help some guys also.