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What is Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is an Application Modeling tool that enables code-free composition of UI elements, Enterprise Services, and reusable components to rapidly create and adapt rich user interfaces.

It is an integral part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (CE) and can interact with other tools in the CE family. Applications created using Visual Composer are deployed and run on the SAP CE server. SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment is a platform for building and running applications based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. It offers a set of capabilities for integrating new and existing services (from SAP as well as proprietary services), into business-specific solutions. You can develop portable, standard-compliant applications based on the latest Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 technologies and integrate them in existing SAP and third-party solutions using a central enterprise service registry. SAP NetWeaver CE increases development productivity by providing model-driven composition tools for creating services and user interfaces and orchestrating them into collaborative user-centric workflows.

Visual Composer can be part of SAP Netweaver 7.3. It's delivered with installation usage type 'Composition Environment'.

Visual Composer enables business persons, with little or no programming experience to develop applications over data services from various backend systems, such as SAP Enterprise Services, SAP ERP services, BI, CRM, Web Services, SQL Databases and more. Visual Composer applications are built over data services and are true SOA applications with a clear separation between data and user interface.

The idea driving Visual Composer is to bring User Interface development closer to the business persons/business experts, thus enabling them to create business applications by themselves. Visual Composer can also be used by experienced developers in order to rapidly create business applications over backend services in much less time that it would have taken to do so in regular development languages.

Who is Visual Composer for?

Visual Composer may be seen as a development environment for non- developers. Application development in Visual Composer does not require programming experience. You can create your first Visual Composer modeled application without any prior experience and learn how to create more complex applications as you go along.

When should I use Visual Composer?

You can use Visual composer for development of any UI application or Portal Hierarchy in the CE environment. Visual Composer offers a large variety of UI and data manipulation elements which are sufficient to develop most applications. However, if you reach a point in which Visual Composer does not provide a good solution for, you can always embed external components from other CE technologies, such as WebDynpro UI components, Enterprise Java Beans, or Web Services created using SAP Composite Application Framework for CE. With the combination of these tools you can create almost any application with minimum time and effort.

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