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DTR is the backend component in a NWDI server that supplies the various functions of the VC Source Control Repository.


This document is a guide on


  1. Configuring a DTR server to function as the Source Control Repository of a VC server.
  2. Creating and configuring VC users to be able to access DTR Source Control Repository.


  1. Configure a DTR server to function as the SC Repository of VC

Navigate to the VC's machine Netweaver administration page, e.g: http://vc-machine:port/nwa, log in with the administrator's user and password and perform the following steps:

         A.Navigate to "Configuration Management -> Infrastructure" and click on "Java System Properties":


      B. Select the appropriate  configuration template. If you are not sure which is the right one, you can connect with remote desktop (mstsc.exe) to the VC machine and use "configtool" to determine which template is the active one (see Appendix 2 on how to do that). If for example the template is called "CE_Composition_Environment_development_full" as in the screenshot below, select the node that's under it (named "ID#####"):

    C. Click the "Services" Tab in the "Details" view and change properties in the required services according to the following table:

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