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This is an installation guide explaining all the steps needed (in full detail) how to install the SAP Netweaver 7.0 - Java Trial portal, and how to get the ESS (Employee Self Services) Business Pages running inside the portal.
You can find all provided information in other manuals, too. But it is extremely hard for beginners, who just want to make an installation for evaluation purposes, to search all the needed documents, to figure out if they are still valid or outdated, to learn all the SAP terminology, to determine which installation steps are needed and in which orde, and to estimate how long the whole installation process will take.
With this walkthrough by example beginners are able to do the configuration easily and quickly.

It was created and executed in August 2008 by Christian Haarmann, Proc-IT GmbH,

It contains following chapters:

1 Prerequisites
2 SAP Netweaver Portal - Installation
3 Utilities - Locating and Installation
4 SLD (Post Install)
5 SLD - Connecting Portal (front end) and ESS6.0 (back end)
6 Business Packages - Download and Deploy
7 ESS and PCUI_GP - Download and Deploy
8 Establish Single Sign On between Portal (front end) and ESS6.0 (back end)
9 Users - Creation
10 SAP Java Connections (JCo) - Creation
11 Systems - Creation
12 ITS WebGUI - Activation (Back End)
13 Final Test
14 License - Extending (or Renewing)
15 SAP NetWeaver Portal - Uninstall 


  1. Anonymous

    marvellous instructions!

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Unknown User (102qcrwi5)

    it was excellent document to configure ESS in portal.Thanks alot.

  3. Unknown User (s2zazke)

    It is really helpful, thanks a lot!