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Web Service Connections

Troubleshooting Web Service Connections

  • Important information regarding Web Services:
    • WSDL URL, or SAP back-end details (server, instance, SID, client)
    • The Web Service Operation name
    • Runtime details
    • Authentication (if the Web Service reside on an SAP back-end): User name and password. In most cases, a user can be created on the back-end via SAP GUI
    • Valid / Sample input values
    • Check the validity of the web service with SAP Netweaver Developer Studio or XMLSpy for example
  • To troubleshoot Web Service Connection issues raise the log level of location to INFO

WSDL URL portal system

A portal system (PCD semantic object) which represents a web service by its WSDL URL

(Note: portal system can't handle a web service which reside on an SAP back-ends)

A portal system is created via system administrator role in the portal:

Logical Destination

A definition on the WebAS which represents a web service by one of the following:

Web Service Navigator

SAP WebAS tool to discover and invoke web services. Accessible via http://<server>:<port> -> Web Services Navigator

  • Runs on same NW installation
  • Uses the same underlying module as portal connectivity (dynamic invocation)
  • Easy to use
  • A Web Service needs to run fine in Web Service Navigator otherwise it also won't run in Visual Composer

Web Service Examples

getAllPortalRoles Webservice

Issues with Web Services

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