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Web Service Invalid Web service URL

System connection: Web Service

Question: When I try to access an external web service, I get always the error message Invalid Web service URL

This means that the Web Service URL is not accessible. Reasons for that can be:

  • your web service URL is incorrect (check it again)
  • you didn't use a fully qualified URL like but only http://myhost:8080/... You can also try to use the IP address instead
  • you VC user has no authorization to access the share where the WSDL file is located (which is specified by your web service URL)
  • proxy server was not set: External Web Service Proxy Configuration for Visual Composer
  • In addition, connections to Web services for SAP backend systems must be performed via logical destinations (configured in the SAP J2EE engine with the Visual Administrator) and not via portal systems.
  • defaultTrace indicates InvalidResponseCodeException: Invalid Response Code: (502) Proxy Error (Host was not found)

More solutions

  • Open an Internet Explorer new process, copy & past the WSDL URL and check that the URL exists
  • If you're prompt for user/password (i.e. the URL resides on a SAP System), do not use a portal system but a logical destination. See Web Service Connector

In addition there is the following limitation for the use of web services.

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  1. Unknown User (100jq9opy)

    Hello. I'm getting similiar errors when i try to consume GP process web service via portal web service system. I'm using url for WSDL that i found in this help chapter:

    To be more detailed this url looks like this:

    http://<my server FQDN>:<port>/gpcore/GPExecuteProcessWSDL/pid0F35C970219111DCB84B000C76975225/pver0.2?wsdl

    I can use this URL for example in Web Services Navigator without any error. But when i try to insert it in portal web services system i see errors in connection tests (i'm already configure logon method/user mapping).

    Trouble is in authorization as stated in defaultTrace.trc log (error 401) while accessing wsdl url for GP Process.

    I've read about using Logical Destinations for web services which require authorization, but how can i consume web service with logical destination in Visual Composer? The only way i know is to use web services portal system there.

  2. Unknown User (100jq9opy)

    Sorry for previous dummy comment - i tried to configure logical destination with needed web service and found it in Find Data Service dialog of Visual Composer.  All working perfectly!