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This page is aimed at people listing their frustrations / wish lists of developments in the SAP Enterprise Portal.  Hopefully SAP Product Management will then read it and produce the developments they think are viable.  So please add your wishes to the list.




Workprotect mode by iview / page

Be able to set the workprotect mode on a per iview / per page basis (you can currently do it systemwide and allow users to personalise it per user).

Gregor Wolf

Nice error pages for common errors

For example.  If a user is locked in the backend, display a nice message, rather than the horrible dump at the moment. Another is in ESS when there is no IT105 entry.

Paul Tomlinson

Proper, official, out-of-the-box support for SAP Office notifications & items in Universal Worklist

UWL is increasingly seen as a realistic alternative to SAP Inbox for work items. For SAP Office items though, the alternatives are: (a) users have to go to SAP Inbox; (b) SONiC connector, which is supplied by SAP, but not supported; (c) send notifications as emails. All of these are confusing when the UWL has a "Notifications" tab - user s cannot understand why workflow notifications do not appear here.

Darren Hague

Wiki for Enterprise

Wiki for Enterprise Portal that allows the staffs sharing their knowhow across division.


SM02 like System Messages

In the ABAP Engine a broadcast message to all users can be easily set by using Transaction SM02. I would love to see that functionality in the Enterprise Portal too.

Gregor Wolf

SM04 and some User Monitoring Features

In the "old-fashioned" ABAP system there so many useful features to monitor the system, the users and what they are doing. Our Administration sutff gets a little frustrated when it comes to monitor the Java Engine. At least some data about the loged-on users and there last action taken would be very helpful.


Lightweight text search engine

Integration of Lucene (via Compass) would be great. I just want a basic text index & search engine for PCD content and KM docs, and TREX is a bit heavyweight (i.e. requires lots of hardware  & config). Something simple that just runs inside the Portal's J2EE stack would be perfect.

Darren Hague

SM50 like Process Monitoring

This will help admins to monitor running processes, with detailed user, resource, application info

Huseyin Bilgen

Native support for Flex / Flash applications

I'd like to see an Eclipse plugin that can be added to Flex Builder 2 & 3 which allows a Flex project to be packaged as a PAR file and deployed to a portal (similar what we get with the PDK for .NET). This would be very helpful in developing Flex applications to run within Portal. Currently it's very difficult to get a Flex app to appear properly in the portal - I'm still trying to figure out how best to do this - even though it's a pretty common requirement in general web development.


Print from portal

A print option in the portal would help a lot like there are certain cases which i have faced for example i need to print a BI report from a portal iview, or else a KM document from a Document iview, i could not find any other option other than print from browser,or else develop the report in VC export it to MS EXCEL and then print, rather than this a i think direct print option would help a lot.


Change requests

A way to automatically assign a PCD object to a change request when it is created or changed, similar to ABAP change requests. See the child page here for a proof of concept


API for Incremental update of KM files

At present the IResource class does not support append/ incremental update of contents of KM resource. To append some information to a KM resource, we should first load the existing contents of the KM Resource and then append the information to it and then update the KM resource. This approch is ineffective as you have to load the whole contents first into the application memory and for huge resources this is really an issue.

Praveen Gudapati

"Plug in" navigation points for roles

I would like to be able to merge on a role's entry point (role A) into another role (B), but not at role B's entry point.  For example, if I have 'Home' at the top level for role B, I would like to merge role A in under home without merging at the Home node.  So, in other words, rather than build the nav structure from the TLN, build from a node in another role.
The benefit here is a simpler navigation structure, especially when using multiple languages.  I have 100 roles approx, of which nearly all share common TLN and 2LN nodes.  Each role requires translation, even when it's not a role for a multilingual audience: the reason it requires translation is for consistency. 




















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  1. Anonymous

    Great idea for a page - hopefully SAP NetWeaver Portal product managers will monitor this.

    - Darren