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Companies often meet the challenge that their employees cannot easily share and exchange their knowledge and experiences with their team members. The Line of Businesses today heavily depends on IT to create, manage and publish business content.

Wikis provide a framework to easily share and contribute knowledge and information in an intuitive way within the company. They give employees, customers, suppliers and partners a framework to collaborative writing and help to save time by making ideas available, sharing knowledge and managing related information. SAP provides a wiki application - that is based on a third-party vendor wiki application - as a standard component of SAP NetWeaver Portal with the new SAP NetWeaver release 7.3. Wikis are not included in SAP NetWeaver 7.0. By including wikis in the SAP NetWeaver Portal offering, SAP will enable customers to collaborate across the network in the context of business processes and events. With wikis, SAP customers will be able to create communities of practice that allow their employees and customers to create collaborative websites and to organize, identify, create, capture, acquire, share and leverage knowledge.

This image shows the wiki rich text editor and how you can edit a wiki page:


Some Key Advantages at a Glance

  • Customers can get wikis for free: there is no extra licence, wikis are included in the SAP NetWeaver licence.
  • Easy installation: Wikis are part of the Portal Addon-On and can additionally be installed in a Portal landscape. There is no additional infrastructure needed; as runtime environment the J2EE engine und the database of the portal is used.
  • Governance: access control to wiki content by permission concept
  • Flexibility: there are different concepts/scenarios for wiki use. There is not only one scenario. Wiki can be configured according the the customers‘ needs.
  • Content control for the administrator: by approval processes, user banning and profanity filter.
  • User control on collaboration: user can collaborate with anyone or only with selected users.
  • Customer branding by theme adoption and UI changes.
  • Internationalization: translation into 26 NetWeaver languages.
  • Accessibility standards are fulfilled.
  • Easiness: Wikis are easy to use.


More Information


Overview Presentation: Gives an overview on the wiki application: user, moderation and administration features.

Wiki Scenarios Presentation: Shows the capabilities of the wikis concerning end user, moderator and administrator requirements.

Demos and eLearnings

Wikis Narrated Presentation: This narrated presentation gives an overview on the end user and moderation features of the wiki application in SAP NetWeaver 7.3. It also contains many demo scenarios.


Blog: Wikis in SAP NetWeaver 7.3

How-to Guides:

How You can Use the Wiki and Forum Application of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 in a SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Portal

How to Customize the Wiki Application Look and Feel in SAP NetWeaver Portal

Documentation and SAP Notes

Wiki User Guide

Wiki Administration Guide

SAP Note 1372623: Wiki Installation and Update (including Installation Guides as PDFs)

Sizing Guide (Service Marketplace User required)

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  1. Hello Vera,

    One picture is missing and the new link does't work.  Could you provide this info ?

    Furhter more are the SAP Wiki aligned to the last Jive Wiki version ?

    Best regards.


    1. Hi Vincent!

      In a last minute action - we as SCN space editors - had to copy and paste manually SCN Jive documents into this wiki - in order the save this content before the go-live of the new SCN on October 10th. I am working in a fellowship at the moment and nevertheless I had to do so - in order that the content will not be lost. So sorry when the content is still with some link errors - it will be corrected step-by-step. 

      There is no picture missing, I only forgot to delete something because as I wrote below - I had hardly time for this copy and past activity during a felllowship.

      And the Portal wiki is a very old Jive version, there was no alignment since years. The Portal wiki was also a complete separate development from Jive wiki, with a complete separate code line. There is no further investment planned into the wiki application of SAP Enterprise Portal.


      Best regards



  2. Hello Vera,


    can you tell me where the log files for wiki are stored? according to sap help (for NW 7.4 here) it should be available in the wiki admin console. But the entry log viewer is missing in all our Portals where wiki is installed.

    best regards,


    1. Hi Lars!

      I will try to contact a developer to check this.

      Best regards


      1. Hi Vera,

        i also opened an OSS (incident). If they have an answer, i will update it here.


        best regards,


        1. Hello togehter,

          already got answer from SAP:

          As outlined in SAP Note 1967742 (attached), the log viewer in Wiki is deprecated and is no longer available. Instead,the SAP standard infrastructure is used (available through NWA). I'm contacting the person responsible for the help documentation to advise them to update this in the documents you referenced.

          best regards,