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Creating a new group and assigning a user

1. Create a new group Group , let's say as sample.
a) If you have not already done so, log on to your portal with the user which has administrator right.
b) Navigate to User Administration -> Groups and press the Create New button.
c) Under Group name enter Group name (here it is sample) and a Description.

Save your entries

2. Assign the user i.e. already existing user or the user which we have created earlier in portal to your group Group sample.
a) Navigate to User Administration -> Groups.
b) Under New Search enter sample and press the Search button.
c) Highlight your group Group sample and press the Assign Users to ... button.
d) Press the Add Users ... button. (key with plus sign).
e) In the search mask under User ID enter the user to which we want to assign the group and press the Search button.
f) In the hit list tick the user for which we want to assign the group we have created and press Select.
g) Press Continue to return to the initial screen.


In the portal, a new group sample is created and the user for which we have assigned will be shown. (still without role assignment).

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