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The following InfoObject catalogs have been delivered in BI content in connection with SEM-BCS so far:

  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA01 (Consolidation: Characteristics)
  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA02 (Characteristics for Periodic Extract)
  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA03 (Characteristics for Integration with SAP ECC)
  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA04 (Characteristics for Assets/Liabilities, as of release 6.0)
  • 0SEM_BCS_KYF01 (Consolidation: Key Figures)
  • 0SEM_BCS_KYF02 (Key Figures for Periodic Extract)
  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA11 (Status Reporting)
  • 0SEM_BCS_KYF11
  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA12 (characteristics for Business Combinations)
  • 0SEM_BCS_KYF12 (key figures for Business Combinations)

Before setting up SEM-BCS,  the newest BI content version of the respective InfoObject catalogs is to be activated.

The InfoObject catalogs 0SEM_BCS_CHA01 and 0SEM_BCS_KYF01 are containing the BI content InfoObjects (characteristics and key figures) used in SEM-BCS.
These InfoObject catalogs (or InfoObjects from these catalogs in your own InfoObject catalog) should not be maintained as the "InfoObject Catalog for Chars" in the SEM-BCS data basis (see notes 975886 and 938221).

InfoObject catalogs 0SEM_BCS_CHA11 and 0SEM_BCS_KYF11 contain the necessary InfoObjects for the new SEM-BCS function in Enhancement Package 2. If you are upgrading to SEM-BW release 602 or higher, you should activate these InfoObject catalogs in your BI system in order to use the new functionalitities mentioned in note 1017100 (delivered with release 602).

InfoObject catalogs 0SEM_BCS_CHA12 and 0SEM_BCS_KYF12 contain the necessary InfoObjects for the new SEM-BCS function in EhP5 (see note 1516892).

InfoObject catalog 0SEM_BCS_CHA04 contains the BI content InfoObjects necessary for the asset/liabilities functionalities available as of SEM-BW release 600 (see notes 988080 and 1082379).

The InfoObject catalog containing the InfoObjects for the asset/liabilities functionalities is to be maintained on the 'Field Catalog' tab page of the SEM-BCS data basis under the navigation path 'Data Model > Data Basis' in the consolidation workbench (transaction UCWB) as the "InfoObject Catalog for Chars". The InfoObject catalog you maintain here can contain also the set of additional fields that can be selected on the 'Data Stream Fields' tab page of the SEM-BCS data basis.

In the source data basis, the InfoObject catalog represents the definition of an external field catalog, which can be used in a method of the category Flexible Upload. The InfoObject catalog also determines which characteristics you can select as the source data when loading master data from a data stream. (As a prerequisite, you need to have allocated the source data basis to a data basis.)

You installed SEM-BW 602. You want to use the new SEM-BCS functionalities delivered with this release with the content InfoObjects. => Prior to creating a SEM-BCS data basis in the consolidation workbench, you have to activate the following InfoObject catalogs in BI from the content (see note 1017100 regarding the necessary BI_CONT release and support package): 0SEM_BCS_CHA01,  0SEM_BCS_KYF01, 0SEM_BCS_CHA11 and 0SEM_BCS_KYF11.

Further remarks:
Note 1080686 is to be considered when upgrading from SEM-BW 4.0 to a higher release.
Note 1047589 describes how to activate the delivery performance reference example.

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