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This description is for understanding the standard system behavior of credit control area (BSEG-KKBER) in credit memo item posted to the reconciliation account, when you try to clear down payment.

Normally, you have 3 options to populate the BSEG-KKBER to credit memo item which is posted to the reconciliation account in standard, and the priority is as below

  1. Derive from an invoice reference line item                             << high priority
  2. Derive from T001(T-code OBY6 for your company code)      << medium priority
  3. Derive from down payment line item                                      << low priority

Standard system behavior:

  • When you post a down payment clearing with an invoice reference, the BSEG-KKBER is always transferred from this invoice reference item
    For example: OBY6-> for company code 1000,  Define T001-KKBER = 1000
    Post down payment in F-29, BELNR is 010002987/1000/2015, BSEG-KKBER = 0001
    Post customer invoice in FB01, BELNR is 010002990/1000/2015,  BSEG-KKBER = GABI
    Do down payment clearing with invoice reference 0100002990 in F-39, BSEG-KKBER in credit memo item of reconciliation account (BSEG-BSCHL = 16) = GABI
  •  When you post a down payment clearing without an invoice reference

      Case 1) T001-KKBER is defined, BSEG-KKBER is derived from T001 like below
      Case 2) T001-KKBER is not defined, BSEG-KKBER is derived from down payment line item

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SAP note 2157741 - FBA3: Credit control area in credit memo item.



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